Utilities Infrastructure Modernization, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

NAVFAC has initiatives to modernize the failing critical utilities infrastructure at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  Under AECm’s IDIQ contract with NAVFAC, we have completed several utility infrastructure modernization projects including engineering investigations, construction cost estimating, design, and construction administration including:

  • LC4 Electrical Distribution Modernization
  • Sloat Ave. Electrical Distribution Modernization
  • Mechanical Utility Infrastructure Modernization
  • Communications Network Infrastructure Assessment

Our engineering team have completed multiple engineering investigations including infrastructure condition assessments and distribution verification. Design work involved new ductbank, utility tunnels, manhole structures, and vault structures. AECm also prepared detailed cost estimates to define scopes of work and to support programming.   

AECm also completed a comprehensive investigation of the existing communications and data infrastructure at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. This study was implemented to assess overall infrastructure integrity as measured by physical integrity and vulnerability, and identification of connection points, network servers, and campus routing. AECm evaluated over 100 buildings throughout the shipyard including communications and data hubs. In coordination with the Base Communications Officer (BCO). We prepared a comprehensive report presenting findings and recommendations. The AECm team also implemented a new geospatial information database (ArcGIS) of all existing network connections to provide a real-time information and management tool for NAVFAC personnel.