Hollis-Brookline School System Facility Assessments

Through a New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning (NHOEP) Grant program, AECm completed facility assessments at the four (4) Hollis and Brookline K-12 school facilities including the Hollis-Brookline High School (153,429 sqft). AECm comprehensive and holistic assessments included:

  • Master Planning Considerations
  • Historical Energy Consumption & Industry Benchmarking
  • Regional Energy Performance Comparisons
  • Building Modeling & Energy Efficiency Simulations
  • Energy Efficiency Measures & Return on Investment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Building Systems Integrity Assessment (HVAC, Envelope, Lighting, Controls)
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Grant Incentive Opportunities

The findings and recommendations were summarized in individual building comprehensive reports and AECm personnel presented the reports to the Hollis Town Energy Committee and the School Districts.