Municipal Building Facility Assessments, Town of Hollis, NH

Through a New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning Grant program, AECm completed facility assessments at twelve (12) facilities including the Historic Town Hall, Historic Library, Police Station, Fire Station, Department of Public Works Building, Transfer Station, Two Elementary Schools, Middle School, and High School.

AECm completed energy modeling of each building and developed practical energy conservation measures, many of which have been implemented by the Town and School District. Our reports contained recommended improvements, cost estimates, predicted energy savings, payback, and grant incentive opportunities. Our holistic assessments included:

  • Master Planning Considerations
  • Historical Energy Consumption and Industry Benchmarking
  • Regional Energy Performance Comparisons
  • Building Modeling & Energy Efficiency Simulations
  • Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Financial Analysis including Payback and Return on Investment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Building Systems Integrity Assessment (HVAC, Envelope, Lighting, Controls)
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility

In a follow-on engagement, AECm completed a Feasibility Study for Renewable Energies for the Municipal and School facilities. Renewable energies evaluated include solar photovoltaic, geothermal, and wind resources. This feasibility study was funded via an additional grant that AECm assisted securing.

The findings and recommendations were presented in individual facility comprehensive reports. AECm personnel presented these reports to the Town Energy Committee and the Board of Selectmen.